The Answer To My Wavering Questions

Drawing the curtains
I watched the morning sun
The powerful rays it contains
As if it poured from a molten sun

The darkness of the night still evident
But the light of the sun is overpowering
With a great content
It absorbed all the darkness

From the moment,
I figured the solution,
To my pending questions,
About my murky past

Like day and night
Life is gay and gloomy
With full of ups and downs
That’s the real life

One with optimist mind,
Patience and courage
Can change the destiny
Of the life he ordained

Every morning
The sun rises
To give you a chance
To remake your somber life

And here goes nothing
With full determination
I am gonna show the world
What I am made of

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A-Z message for life

ANGER,its normal to all of us,
But the BEST take it out of business
COOLNESS in times of pressure,
DARING to go the extra mile;
ELECTRIFIES the place,
And brings you all the FAME.
GLORY is meant for you
When you don’t HURRY,
And do no ILL-deeds!
JOY comes out of bounds,
Like a KING
You will be LOVED,
You will MERRY,
With NO-worries!
If you’re OPEN with your feelings,
And if you don’t POKE your nose,
Great men will wait in QUEUES!
Like a REAL lion you’ll roar,
With brightness eclipsing the SUN,
TALES of you will spread,
You’ll be on the ULTIMATE throne,
WINNING WARS in loads,
With no XEROX-copies of you,
Seen in the past YEARS,
You’ll be at your ZENITH!

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